Integrated Design Process

Every project is different and thus there are unique solutions to each project. It's a necessary part of the integrated design process and to bring together the best team for the job.  We might produce many ideas before arriving at a solution or multiple solutions for a specific project or client. 

Here's our approach

  •  Arrange a meeting, teleconference or video conference with the client to develop a project vision understanding the client's requirements, clarifying objectives, budgets, timelines and most importantly purpose.
  • With the vision, requirements, objectives and purpose in mind develop a project scope consulting an integrated design team.
  • Develop a brainstorming session to develop the project and ideas for the project with the client, project team professionals in a workshop or design charette. (
  • Once project goals and objectives are agreed upon, a contract is drafted up for the client. All parties know what is expected to be delivered and goals and objectives are clearly highlighted and who is responsible for which task.  This builds accountability and also good teamwork.
  • Review the status of the goals and objectives and which items have been delivered and mitigate any challenges, maintaining good communication channels with the client, project team and stakeholders every step of the way.
  • Create a fluid and active project plan based on those goals and objectives and include milestones to track the success of the project.
  • Deliver the project with a bespoke project and technical team that is custom built to meet the objectives, requirements of the client and budget of the project.

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