Integrated Design Consulting's (IDC) passion is to help our clients and communities by bringing value to each project.  Our approach is working in collaboration with the best resources and within budget for the project.  We work in collaboration with stakeholders to bring consensus by finding shared values, understanding the differences and finding the best solution. 

Small, Medium and Large projects require the same level of attention and equipped with the right team, a good understanding the scope, budget, environmental and political challenges and opportunities a successful project can be created, implemented and delivered.  A balanced approach of understanding the clients' and the communities needs, fostering realistic and honest dialogue to get the results they want.

As professionals, we seek to engage with integrity, trust and values and have passion in what we do.  We aim to contribute to society not just to the bottom line.‚Äč ‚ÄčThis is our approach and our commitment. 

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