Our Services

Aboriginal/First Nations Relations

  • Project advisory and strategic planning
  • Funding and grant applications


  • Design and consultation
  • Site planning

​​Relationship Management  

  • Political and technical advisory
  • Stakeholder consultation and facilitation


  • Land-use development advisory 
  • Development permit application support  
  • Stakeholder engagement and consultation.

​​​Real Estate

  • Feasibility studies, economic and technical studies for project feasibility

​Project Management

  • Coordination and management of small to mid-size projects.​​

  • Economic Feasibility and Options analysis

  • Project Proposal Advisory and Support


Our History

After years of working abroad and observing the process, determination and teamwork that made projects successful, Integrated Design Consulting (IDC) was formed.  IDC's passion is to help communities by bringing value to clients.  We work in collaboration with stakeholders and bring on board the resources best suited for their project and budget.

Small, Medium and Large projects require the same level of attention, equipped with the right team, a good understanding the budget, scope, challenges and opportunities a successful project can be created.  A balanced approach of understanding the clients' needs, fostering realistic and honest dialogue to get the results they want - this is our approach and commitment. 

Infrastructure design traditionally has become more of a technical exercise then one of holistic design.  Planning from different cultures, religions and heritage, our values impact how we view the world and our environment.  Informed and innovative communities seek to engage, encourage and empower their communities to grow, flourish and develop and want to engage people differently.  

We want to find common values, understand the differences and find the best solution.  As professionals, we seek to engage with integrity, trust and common values and have passion in what we do. We aim to contribute to society -  not just to the bottom line.​  

Great spaces in the world do not change constantly, they grow with value and respect over time.  With this philosophy in mind, we want to work with our clients to build great places and communities that respect our social, economic and environmental footprint for the future.